Lynx Armoured car

The Pansarbil m/39 or Lynx was a Swedish 4x4 armoured car that AB Landsverk began developing in 1937 for the Danish Army.

The Lynx had a low slung body with well sloped, but thin, armour. The 140 hp Scania-Vabis petrol engine was in the middle on the left side. 
The crew consisted of six troops; a forward driver and hull machine gunner, two similar positions in the rear hull, and two crew in the revolving turret which mounted a 20mm Madsen cannon and a coaxial light machine gun.
Type: Armored car
Place of origin Sweden
Service history
Used by: Denmark, Sweden, Dominican Republic
Wars: World War II
History: Designer AB Landsverk
Manufacturer: AB Landsverk, Volvo
Number built: 48
Crew: 6
Armament: Madsen 20 mm or, Bofors 20 mm m/40 cannon, 3 x 8mm Ksp m/39 mg
Suspension: 4 x 4
Three vehicles were delivered to Denmark in April 1938, but a further batch of fifteen were still awaiting delivery to Copenhagen when the war broke out in 1939. These were then confiscated by the Swedes who employed them as the Pansarbil m/39 and ordered a further thirty units for the Swedish Army. 
As Landsverk lacked the capacity the new batch was manufactured by Volvo, and hence powered by a Volvo engine, designated Pansarbil m/40.
All Swedish cars were fitted with a Bofors 20 mm akan m/40 automatic cannon instead of the Madsen.
In 1956, 13 of the m/39s were sold to the Dominican Republic.

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