April Fools' day


                Toivotan kaikille hyvää aprillipäivää 

                       I would wish you all: Happy April's day

 Saavutetut asemat on pyrittävä säilyttämään, joten 

Achieved stations must to keep, so...


4 kommenttia:

  1. Vastaukset
    1. Hello, Rodger.
      You therefore agree
      The fire station is a good, safe and worth defending...
      ...cartridges is enough..

    2. Hell yes! I could happily defend that for a long time!

    3. Good morning, Rodger.
      Oh Nice.
      I knew that you have a good heart, the distant friend
      Help is needed, even if the ammo is enough.
      Gun barrel that instead getting too worn ...
      ...maybe is too old version


Any explosive ammunition or empty cores, you can put in this.