M1 / M2 tank short bottom plate / Marmon-Herrington

The Marmon-Herrington Combat Tank Light was a series of US light tanks produced for the export market at the start of the Second World War. 

The CTL-3 had a crew of two and was armed with three .30 caliber (7.62 mm) machine guns.
A few saw combat in the Dutch East Indies campaign against the Japanese invasion.In mid-1942 a batch was diverted to Australia from the Dutch order where they were used for training
A small number were used by the Marine Corps' 1st Tank and 1st Scout Companies prior to the war. Some were employed on Western Samoa. None saw action.

 After the attack on Pearl Harbor some of these tanks were taken over by the United States Army and employed in Northern Alaska as the Light Tank T14 and Light Tank T16.


TypeLight tank
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by Netherlands
 United States
WarsWorld War II
Indonesian National Revolution
Production history
Number built440
Weight8.4 short tons (7,600 kg)
Length11 ft 6 in (3.51 m)
Width6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Height6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)

Armour12-25 mm
3x .30 (7.62 mm) Browning machine guns
EngineHercules 6-cylinder gasoline
124 bhp
118 bhp at 3,500 rpm
SuspensionVertical volute spring suspension
100 km (62 mi)
Speed48 km/h (30 mph)

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  1. strange little tank, I never heard of this one before, must be very rare

    1. Good morning, S-C..
      ...is my morning coffee moment..

      The smaller the M1 and the second M2 usa tank.
      M2 is the same with a 37 mm gun turret.
      1940 These cannon carriages were ready 94 pieces.
      Only as late as after the capitulation of France,
      The United States understood the (army approves) a tank force and significance of the war

      M2 was equipped with a long base plate and added to two road wheels (1 x 2 tandem wheel) per side.
      From this was born (1940) M2A2 M3 light tank, later stuart (M3A5 light)

      1940 M2 generated based on the M3A1 Medium 75 mm + 37 mm cannon tanks(the same base plate also had a M3 Medium, Lee / Grant)
      Grant was a British version, the directors (british) endoscopy hood
      Lee was U.S. version

      After the French surrender, the United States of a huge industry started to produce tanks,almost all the car factories.
      This meant many different engine options in the same frame.

      M4 tank, used the little improved M3 body, production start 1940...

    2. M3 light (=M2 + 37 mm gun) coming use 1941
      Valmistus 1940 - 1942

      M5 light (= M3 stuart + 37 mm gun) production begins 1942
      (the battle value same like T-26 tank, or BT-7
      exported to the Soviet Union
      Model M3A3 front armor (glasier plate) was sloped and congruent
      the sides, armor reach over track

      These tanks manufacturing 13.859 pcs

    3. The most common model was the Sherman M4 A3
      Ford V8 petrol engine with 450 hp / 331 kw / 2800 rpm
      (Another Data says 500/368 kw)
      Manufacture 1942 - 1945

      M4 A4 was a 5 x Chrysler car engine
      Engine power 85 hp / 62.5 kW x 5
      A total of 425 hp / 312 kw
      Manufacture june 1942 - december 1943

      M4 A5 (RAM) made of Canada
      Star Power (radial engine) to 400 hp / 294 kw

      M4 A6 (U.S.A.) Model
      450 hp / 331 kw Caterpillar RD-1820 diesel engine

      The A5 and A6 models power to weight was of the same magnitude as T-34/85 tanks
      These wagons were held simple structure, reliable, and easy to maintain

      The Red Army use these wagons Baltic countries, Romania, Hungary, Austria
      and also against the Finnish (one is parola armor museum) such as Churchill tanks in 1944

  2. Another great post, and nice find!

    1. Hi, Phil.
      :) Thanks.
      Thank you for your kind words.


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