Propaganda Finnish-Soviet

Propaganda parcel mortars

Propaganda parcel mortars

Captured and imprisoned in Soviet propaganda politruk

 Dad, come home, but father has fallen (dropped or down) like we says

Finland's independence is not threatened by the Soviet Union, but the fascist Germany who has enslaved most of the European nations. The red army is fighting against in Hitler Germany, and the same time battlings Finland theyr behalf freedom and independence.
Long live the friendship of the Soviet Union and the peoples of Finland

Soviet volunteer, who has jumped to Finnish side. He question one interpreter, and two Finns, one German also present. The picture maybe staging

Stalin received Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania they are representatives question. After, when these country's are joined to the Soviet Union.
This painting found Impilahti Church and made a photo model. 

The light battle groups "Ivan" is progressing every day, 100 km per every day, towards the Ural mountains

 Long live to Mannerheim and Hitler

 Propaganda flowers
Attached to the house wall poster.
Text: "A firmer friendship between the cannon and the men on foot.
This we spread broken manneheim bunkers. "
(Print -40 in January)
Vannisenmäki 1941.07.25

 Propaganda Poster Karjalankatu, Vyborg city (1941 Continuation war)

 Finnish propaganda cartoon (continuation war)

 Finnish propaganda cartoon (continuation war)

Soviet propaganda
You are lying in the trenches, but the Germans preys on your home
Soviet propaganda Comrades, the Finnish soldiers. We have gadgets ready, connect the cables, and so we'll tell you the truth Germans fighters

The Communist propaganda. Images Panel refers to the capitalists the working time
9 = sleep, 10 = to go and eat, 11 = dining, twelve dinner hour,
kl.1 = office, kl.2 = eat, kl.3 = sections kl.4 = home.
Svir block, Voznesenye village JR9. 07/26/1942 

Finnish propaganda
Potemkin appearances in Vyborg, cardboard hams food goods in the window.
Vyborg 1941.09.01

The text says: Here are our fathers fought for, cherished the our freedom

A poster on the door near the headquarters Taubilan manor Holy Lake 1939.12.19
Text: This country are does not sell or rent

Finnish propaganda flowers
The young Soviet citizen, in order to propaganda by the state to keep special care. Water supply point. Äänislinna undated...

Soviet propaganda 
The clip of Russian military voice-Journal, which closely relates to the 10 Ttus.K to.
Rukajärvi direction 1942.07.30

The red flag from the pharmacy. Lahdenpohja 1941.09.30 

Finnish announcer-group is preparing to go to the front line and the broadcast of Russian-language propaganda.  Kiestinki the east side of 1941.10.12

                                                The leaflets duplicated.

Suursaari Kiiski village elementary school hallway tin oven, which the Russians are at the top of the glue to the poster with the slogan against the rough-word Fascism.
Suursaari 1942.05.26

Finnish soldier and an officer, stop leak your blood, on behalf of Hitler, throw the fascists out of the border

                                           Russian images. Comrades.

 Russian images. Thank you Comrade Stalin for a happy childhood

 Finnish and Russian language signs.  Vyborg 1941.08.30

                                           Russian language signs

One Russian field Guard spiritual "food". A huge amount of propaganda literature, regulations, political literature, by Karl Marx and others. People ''heroes'' images, 
the red-Cloth banners etc. (1941.07.10)

 Russian propaganda in the streets of Vyborg. (1941.08.30)

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Moi Rodger
      Thanks to comments
      Stalin balloon a little leak are cood,
      but these, (empty?) propaganda grenades are very strange to me

  2. Nice, I love looking at old propaganda posters, I have some new posters from the Anglo Irish war. I will post them soon

    1. Moi ShintoKamikaze
      Thank you for your comment and for your interest
      War Propaganda satirical bite very well, like me
      WW-2 color drawings to be real good.
      ...and Disney too..

  3. There was a lot of North Korean propaganda leaflets around Seoul when I was stationed there in the early 1980's. I think they were dropped by balloons or maybe high flying aircraft.

    1. Hi Dean
      Thank you for visiting.
      In the Winter War the Soviet Union to drop a lot, a lot of the plane.
      Continue war, especially at night, when the R-5 (nickname nerve saw) to fly very low and drop "advertisement"

      :) Propacanda, especially of WW-II, all parties will make a good drawing
      Perhaps the best of these good-looking pin-up girls bombers bow

  4. A newer version are R-Zs were used by the Soviet air force against Japan above Mongolia in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939, and the Winter War against Finland in the same year.


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