FA- photos - bridge and transportation

                                   Jänis joki  - Rabbit river

Old Värtsilä Jänisjoki-border railway bridge and road bridge. 1941.08.21
Vanhassa Värtsilässä sijainnut Jänisjoen ylittävä rautatiesilta ja maantiesilta.

Podporoze (Svir city) bridge, Svir river over the leading railway bridge.The second tower was destroyed in the bombing ryssien soon after the conquest, the bridge itself remained anyway. City Svir 1942.08.09

Podporoze (Syvärin kaupunki) silta Syväri joki yli johtava rautatiesilta. Toinen torni tuhoutui ryssien pommituksessa pian valtauksen jälkeen, jolloin silta kumminkin itse säilyi.

Pontoon bridge over the Svir.
Pitma 1942.09.02

15-meter-high wooden rail of the bridge structure.
Antrea as. 1943.03.12

Silta aukaiseminen laivan läpikulkua varten. JR 9
Voseroxa 1942.06.08
The bridge will be opened for the passage of a ship

Bridge under construction on the river Svir. Voznesenye 1942.03.18

Personal car Pidman barge bridge on the eastern Svir in 1942.
Engineer Battalion 13 of the men had built a 255 m long bridge, which is completed in the spring of 1942.
The barge bridge was demolished the following year and was replaced with 281.5 m long field bridge.
Pidma 1942.09.02

Home-rabids bridge, the track further back. / Pioneers built a bridge over the Tuntsa.
Salla, Alakurtti 1941.09.26

The river crossing smoke protection pioneers to build a bridge. .. undated

Milk and caterer transport to outer islands, undated
photo lieutenant Sjöblom.

Fish transport ox.
Åland island  ....undated (Å = O)

Pioneer activities. Cars gravel quarries. Spring-time. The road gravel running to edges, use for subsequent. Olonets isthmus 1943.03.03

Pioneer activities.T-20 Komsomolets tank, the bottom of the new road
Povenets 1942.05.31

Pioneer activities. New wood road use Rukajärvi direction 1942.04.10

Aunus. April 1942 Soviet roads are bad, no any ditch, water accumulates in large puddles. Passenger exceeds the puddle.

Spring Flood is out over the road. Kurkijoki 1942.04.20.

Motorcycle sleigh is a journey. Pechenga 1942.04.14

Overrun attack Voinitsa lake  1941.08.01

Pälgäjärvi - Ontajärvi road, approximately 35km Rukajärvi-Paatene spring thaw... 
Cars get stuck axes and bottom plate, the spring time. Only trucks can be move and operate these roads, very greatest difficulty 10 days from the time the traffic was practically standing, area Rukajärvi - Pälgäjärvi Ontrajärvi, Kuusiniemi, Särkijärvi and Paatene.  Photo: Rukajärvi 1942.04.23 

Lieutenant Colonel Saarinen hit the last nail in the track joint.
Field Track: Pajusuo - Rock 1944.02.15

Wilderness-train transporting the mail along the path of the log.
Ambush direction 1942.08.11

Uuksu-Aunus railway construction: Gravel transportation. Bucket conveyors are transported gravel.  Olonetsky soviet women (salary) at work. October 1942.

The train can not be operated due to the proximity of the front line, so the service load supplies for transport by rail, but this time, the pulls oats engine
April - May 1942.

Oats engine works. Makes food service Murmansk railway.  In April-May 1942.

Russian troops blowing up a railway bridge Ihalanjoki. Repair work in progress. 
Ihala 1941.10.07

Corduroy Road kuormastohevonen not harnessed bar spacing, the boom are on the side.  Matros 1941.09.29

Salla-Kandalaksha road and rail Goose Lake - between profits (Win River).
Near Win-River to the 10/13/1941

Salla-Kandalaksha road River to Profit (Win River) Lyssajan facing slope.
Alakurtti (Salla) - Vilma River 1941.10.13

 Home Whitewater West Bank service road. Wagons German supply trains.
Alakurtti traffic on the road. Alakurtti (Salla) 1941.09.26

Er.Os. P. Place of loading supplies Skull rapids below.
River transportation starting point Skull river below.
Left. 4 made upon a boat to ferry the transport of cars, etc...
Pechenga, Luttojoki 1942.07.12

Crew Transportation Luttojoki.  Motor boat and a ferry in front of these boats.
Pechenga, Luttojoki 1942.07.12

Finn-German troops...


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