The animals - SA-photos

 The dog looking for direction output. Martin Island 1941.08.07

War Dog Taru (Saga) Man writes a message for export. Martin Island 1941.08.07

 Strike team and officers

Man and the dog Raju (Fierce).  Kiestinki, Lohilahti (= Salmon bay) direction 

                               Jorma Karhunen   and Beggy Brown                            

                Dog sledding in motion. Uhtua direction, North Viena 1942.03.07

                                     Phone cable installer

War Dog Sonja, a 4-week old cubs, own dugout in the foreground.
Aunus, on the west coast of the isthmus. Habanova, Ladoga East Coast 1942.04.12

 War Dog School. Gas mask placed in the dog. Hämeenlinna 1939.10.01

Also war dogs living in dugouts in the front line (Vaskusjärvi terrain) are always ready to use on patrol trips or otherwise interrupted connections. 
Voznesenye 1942.04.18.

 Bofors shooter and his tame hawk

                                            Lotta's are riding

                                    Amusement performers and mascot

Colonel Lieutenant Laaksonen and Finnish patrol to search for Eagle Owl chicks Names Molotoff and Tilda. Suokumaa 1941.07.21

 Tame, young mascot, and a piece of sugar

                                             ex across the border line

                                    General-Major take to mascot 1942
                                    General-Major's own mascot, and his servant

                                           Time to winter war

                                              Tame fox, young and curious pets

                                         A young swallow is resting

                                                   lake seal
Fishing detachment of capturing large catfish. Catfish was 207 cm in length and 35 kg in weight and, therefore, one of the largest of its kind in specimens of what we have received.
Finland and Eastern Karelia, it is not just But grow larger. Catfish sent to the topography and root of veterinary medical museum of the University of Helsinki. June -43. Lake Syamozero 1943.05.03

                            Bull is a feeling of cold, warm wishes, and also to get

                   Young male moose, about two years old, weight approx. 500 kg

                                          male reindeer 

                                           The old lady and a parrot, Petrozavodsk

War of dogs convalescent home, where the front dogs get refresher training, and go in a few days again for military service. Early in the morning ferret hares, but only a ferret. War dog has a more important task than the rabbit driving.
Harlu region 1944.08.31

It sure is a dog-paw hungry. Fish bones are accepted. Now comes the puppy a good day, because the boys take it to the team's mascot.  Povenets 1942.05.30

Pavlova house grandma, Tanja Shvedova feeds the chickens inside the house.
Mundjärvi bay, Sakarvojan village 1942.06.27

             Russian prisoner, Finnish cap, and dog care, Lupasalmi 1941.08.02

own reflection

                                  14 Squadron mascot 
1st Flight (1. Lentue)
2nd Flight (2. Lentue)
3rd Flight (3. Lentue)
3rd Flight of No. 30 Squadron (3./Le.Lv.30)

The equipment consisted of 14 Morane-Saulnier MS.406s, 3 Fokker D.XXIs, 2 Westland Lysanders, 1 Fokker C.V, and 1 Fieseler Fi 156.

   ---                                    lotta take care of a small Lapphund puppy

 Calm after the storm
Flashes of message men's activities. A cozy evening in a moment dugout. Karpiidi lamp light, and can read the latest newspapers and a letter from home.
Uuksujärvi-Autumn Lake intermediate terrain 1944.08.23

                                 Two inhabitants. Petrozavodsk 1941.10.01.

 Overall among the dust, find the cat boy. Korpiselkä 1941.07.11

 a Greek Orthodox monk takes care of the cat, whose name is Zigan (Gipsy)
Valamo 1942.09.15 


                                            civilian life in war area...

 The cat and the young officer in the air control center

                                             Lintula monastery cat, 1939.11.01.

                                        only one left, in this village...

                                    Kitchen men give sausage

 Duck and chicken to share the soldier's dinner. Simola 1941.07.05

Buck does not like foreign TK-man's appearance, because it was always ready to push when they met him. Cross Island 1943.05.23 (TK = info center)
                                             collective sheep...

  --                                           Isthmus collective farm pigs

                                              milking time

German transport of slaughter cattle herd arrives on board the land for military needs. Helsinki, Herttoniemi 1942.07.30

Second Lieutenant and dog Hanko city area in 1941

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Hi, Rodger
      Nice if you like thid...
      But, little bear are really cute, like young squirrel and fox
      Are like humans, same the other animals.

      Here, there are two hare race
      White (winter) is a forest-hare, it's a big 50-70 cm + tail, and weight 4-6 kg
      Brown is the field hare, approx. 60-80 cm + tail, weigh 6-8 kg
      Reindeer is a small, almost normal man's size 150 -200 cm and weight 70 - 100 kg
      Fox are 60 - 100 cm, and normal weigh 5-7 kg
      Swirl-seal / Lake-seal (or Norppa) is 80 - 160 cm long,
      and weight 40 - 90 kg.

    2. Now here is the problem (some city), the worst in Helsinki area
      A huge number of city-rabbits, for the past 20 years,
      They hunted 0,22 caliper rifle, others the crossbow,
      others 4.5 and 5.5 air rifles (german Diana?)

  2. Very nice pics, I love the bear cub, I am big animal lover, we are off to Bulgaria on Thursday and we have a ten hour stop in Germany,so we are going to visit the Zoo their.

    1. Hi.
      Baby bear is really cute and sympathetic
      Did you know, the bears are kindred of the dog
      The bear is calm and intelligent.

      Baby bear is really cute and sympathetic
      Did you know, the bears are kindred of the dog
      The bear is calm and intelligent.

      But Wolverine (weighing only 25-35 kg) is really nasty.
      it is afraid of everything, is very powerful, fearless, and cruel, but very difficult to see and discover.

      The zoo is as big, and very versatile.
      cant make to all in one day.

      Bulgaria is cheap rates, and a good climate
      as well as a good red wine (dreamer?) and sandy beaches

    2. https://youtu.be/_54TPAK3FfQ / bear festive delicacy moment

      https://youtu.be/C1xMPHsqtwo / Man and Bears

      https://youtu.be/_jHYy5kdG1A / Wild North

      https://youtu.be/VQuYMH_nIOE / Moose

      https://youtu.be/kyTRP4aaN4E / Wulfs

      https://youtu.be/wwpimdQnGCw / Fox


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