#2. Sa-kuvia vuosilta 1940 - 1944

                                                        Swimming beach 1941

                              Canteen, beware grenade fire, leave useless stay 1942

                                Shop is open. - Corsets, bras, nightgowns 1940
                               (One day after the end of Winter War)

                                    Photography business is open 1941

                         The business is open. Ironing Service and Barber. Helsinki 1941

                              ArrowLand. The heavy cannon battery stations

   Very rare drop. Brewster fighter destroy enemy artillery fire-control ball 1941

                                    Pilot makes report, 1941...

                       Bear head, it made of moss, to between two doorway 1944

Bulletin board, whether there has already been a new defense news bulletin

Announcement card, to war prisoners 1943

City people, for hay work...

The rumor is the duck, cut the duck's neck

Front line urinal

Hit first, hit always, hit all the time, winter-war 1939

Near Vyborg are at least these boys.
This is evidenced by the definition of the distance on the Essolube shield shown in the picture.  No standing this place. 30.08.1941

Population shelters, Helsinki, Esplanade 1941

Paper bale, population shelters, protection against shards, Helsinki 1940

Airport Pori. Built by the Germans 1941, and now is partially destroyed
Now the German is withdrawing off from Finland, and field are mined, and they warning, on the board. 25.09.1944

Road sign with the German courthouse yard. 
Litsa front 14.10. 1943

Two German Somua S-35 tanks are been stalled, for "the wastes" table
 (Tornio's battles) The Village-River, 11 km from Tornio city. 29.10.1944.

Car Repair. 
Again, the officers' cars are driving okay. Ihantala 19.07.1944

Written on Christmas Day 1939.
English school boy's letter, to the Finnish soldiers

A private soldier tax-duty, and payment certificate. 15.07.1941.

                                              Debate Meeting Woman, who I get married
                 I / JR 2 Discussion. The Svir Power Plant Block 11.04. 1943.

                                  The kitchen of the prisoners. Wärtsilä 29.09.1941.

            An infocenter man's wall-painting to canteen ducout. Aunus 08.01. 1944.

                                                Drawing. Pilot, real "right mate"

                                Sign. Text tells, the enemy has not welkome to visit

                                              Lotta accommodation

                                     The village council's notice board

                                 The northern-artillery batteries, the cook
                  Owner of the black cat's, this restaurant did not need for bread cards

                                            Soviet text, cutting to moss area
                                                  Welcome to Stalin!
                                                    Rautu 03.09.1941.

                        Number of ads, window advertising. Helsinki, Puistola 29.06.1941.
1. Working phone
2. Rotpunk Household goods
3. Agfa films
4. Potbart razors
5. Venus condoms  (also in my youth 1960s)
6. Tobacco
7. small sign does not show anything

                                                          Soviet ads and posters


                                            Soviet posters. Aunus 06.09.1941.

                                         Wall mounted poster.
                   Text: The most solid friendship between the cannon and the footmen.
                                  So we spread scattered all manneheim bunkers.
                              (Printed in January -40) Vannisenmäki 25.07.1941

                                                   8. Div. Etulinjan tienviittoja. 12.09.1942.

The messenger has arrived

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