BAD-2 amphibio

BAD-2 oli Neuvostoliiton kokeellinen amfibinen panssaroitu auto, joka voidaan myös muuntaa kulkemaan rautatiekiskoilla (ks Draisine). 

Vain yksi prototyyppi on rakennettu 1932, sen suunniteli insinööri PN Syachentov.
Armament: 1 x 37mm B3 gun + 2 x 7.62mm DT mg
Armour: Max. 6mm
Weight: 4600kg
Crew: 4
Engine: 4 cyl. 40hp Ford A gasoline engine
Speed: 50 km/h the road, 5 km/h in water
Models: One prototype produced
Year of production: 1932
Manufacturer: Izhora, Leningrad, Russia

BAD-2 was a Soviet experimental amphibious armored car, that could be also converted to run on railroad tracks (see draisine). Only one prototype was built in 1932, designed by engineer P. N. Syachentov.

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Hi.
      :) You said it, old fellow

      Really brilliant idea.
      Propelli and everything else.
      However, one serious flaw
      No wings...

  2. Very strange looking beast, they used Lancia Armoured Trucks in the same way during the Irish Civil War, just put train wheels on them to patrol the rail line.
    Nice post keep up the good work

    1. Hi.
      This idea is not outright wrong, but practical implementation was impossible, but why is the railway wheels, not rubber. On the other hand neuvostoliiton the roads were very bad this time, if it was at all

      The Soviet Union also used the British, perhaps the most popular Austin armored car, and Italian (took a long time because Lada 1200/1500 was exactly the Fiat 124 basket).

      Yes, nearly all armored cars used in the so-called. "track-patrolling" and control duties because it was complete and good "road" to move, the cars used for this purpose patrols, same many Jeep, like burma

  3. Vastaukset
    1. A little strange is the solution, and this was the only experimental model
      However, roads were missing in Russia, but the railway was everywhere ...
      ... :) the other hand, also much flooding

  4. Vastaukset
    1. Human inventiveness and imagination have no limits...
      ...as long as someone funded pilot.


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