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One of World War II specialty is, (both Democratic country) England declares war on Finland 06.12.1941

Even during the Winter War, England had assisted the Finnish against the Russian invasion, and even offered to send troops to help in Finland, if Finland makes a formal request for assistance.

During the truce Finland's foreign trade other than with Germany (+ Satellite) was almost impossible, because the Pechanga Finland lifeline Shipping navycertit was granted by the British dependent on others.
Finland had to apply for permission from England each consignment chartering.
(Pechanga also Sweden breathing hole too...

                               Soldiers feeding of Lotta women's field kitchen

Lotta svärd

Finally English also stopped navy certain, when Finland practically was the only foreign trade partner of Russia an ally of Germany.
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Means the same Germany which during the Winter War had prevented the transport all of european helps, volunteers and material shipping, to territory to Finland
(even though the UN's predecessor the League of Nations was sacked by Russia's membership, and called for help Finnish defend themselves from attack).

England and Russia, therefore, forced the Finnish dependence on Germany.
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The early stage of World War II England declared war on Germany. 
Later, Germany invaded Russia, but only a couple of weeks before, when Russia would have attacked the west, of the world's biggest ever crowds.

Russia attacked Finland 06.22.1941, at 6.05, this was starts the Continuation War, between Finland and Russia.
                                 Licensed manufactured from Blenheim "short nose" bombers

Because Russia it was really actually prepared to invade the West, and Stalin's forces were not prepared for defense (Stalin was convinced, Germany not attack to Russia), soviet troops suffer huge losses to German army, early stages of war.

On the other hand, when Russia was to start against the Finnish Continuation War, 1941 September that Finland want and to take back part of the Russian Winter War after abducted areas.
                                           military police 

                                                      combat unit in parade 1941

                                   Porlammi encirclement in early September 1941 (inventory)

             two German, and Finnish cameraman to describe aerial surveillance of dark and light... 

Continuation War between Finland and Russia was sepa-war.
                                                 ...soft road...

England and USA supply to Russia enormous material assistance, and England also sent military aircraft and crew, to assist the Russian struggle against Germany.

Russia insisted on several occasions to England declare war on Finland.

Eventually, Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent Marshal Mannerheim personal, private, and secret letter, which he expressed regret that, the English will soon declare the war on Finland.

Letter kept England Imperial War Museum
Churchill sends...

I am deeply grieved at what am see coming, namely that we shall be forced in a five days out of loyalty to our ally russia to declare war upon finland.
If we do this we shall make war also as opportunity serves.

Surely your troops have advance far enough for security during the far on could now halt and give leave. It is not necessary to make any public, but simply leave of fighting and cease military operations for which severe to winter affords every reason and make a de facto exit from the war.

I wish i could convince Your Excellency that the we are going to beat the Nazis
I feel far more confident than in 1917 or 1918. It would be mostly painful to the many friends of your country in england if finland found in the dock with the guilty and defester Nazis

By recollections of our pleasant talks and correspondence
...and Mannerheim answer.

Yesterday I had the honor to receive the 29 November 1941 dated letter.
US envoy to mediate this letter in Helsinki 

I thank you that, you have kindly sent me this private message.
Your are very kind in sending me these days as heavy personal message,
to whom I give a very high value.

December 2, 1941.
Finnish Independence Day 12/06/1941
English declared war on Finland, like Stalin wishes

Most importantly in this "war" was that when Finland then in due course makes
peace with the enemies of Russia, the signatories of peace agreement was Russia, English, and some of the "ship countries" like Australia, Canada, South-Africa and New Zealand.

I must tell this: US did not agree to declare war against Finland, while Russia insisted all the more...

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  1. As you said before the great powers used the small nations as pawns in a larger game, The British,Germans and Russians only had their own interest, and what was good for their nations.

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for a very good comment
      This is what all the comment columns are originally intended
      The purpose all is to have / be able to express an opinion and criticism

    2. Ingrian Finns who transferred living to Finland during the Continuation War,
      kept the terms of the armistice, returned back to the Soviet Union.
      They are faced expulsion from the Soviet Union to Siberia.

      And same is many soviet officer prisons, war prison here finlands farm
      but they all executions, shooting, when they back soviet
      My father was prison guard, one farm camp
      and some milk searching trip, found my mother's, so...

    3. The Soviet Union defined the Finnish peace terms and the loss of territory in the west-allies in advance for the early stages of the war. When the British ulkoministeri Anthony Eden traveled to Moscow in December 1941 to intensify military cooperation, the Soviet Union was the first condition for the June 22, 1941 prevailing situation, that the UK should be recognized as the Baltic States affiliation the Soviet Union, same situations South-East Finland, eastern Poland, Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina

    4. In addition Soviet Union demanding parts of East Prussia, Petsamo and in addition to bases in Romania and Finland.

      Soviet Union wanted to record all the conditions set out in secret by the Additional Protocol.
      British informed these terms Americans who rejected the proposal to establish a strictly secret protocols.
      Stalin the proposal was considered to be contrary to the principles of the Declaration of the Atlantic.
      The British government does not, in principle, held opposition to Stalin's proposal, but the matter is not only possible to determine the precise moment.

    5. After to French had surrendered, British did not have a any allies in Europe
      Only and the nearest help to England, was the Soviet Union
      United States not want to participate in the war...

  2. Their was a great TV show a few years back "World War II Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West" you should try to check it out if you have not seen it

    1. Hi
      Interesting. I have not seen this program or an equivalent document
      I have to try to look for ...

      What report says about this...

      Stalin's plan was the European conquest and the spreading of communism everywhere.
      But Germany to attack two weeks too earlier, and Stalin attack plan changed defense battle

  3. Another interesting read. Thank you!

    1. Hi
      Rodger, thanks you for yourself these many faithful visits and comments
      :) It your's reasons, (maybe) who transfers me these war story fountainhead...

  4. Once again very interesting post and well chosen photos...

    1. Thank you, Phil.
      You are very friendly
      The Finnish Defence Forces (SA-picture) published more than 800 "new" color image.
      It's just tricky to find, because always must know every venue's name.


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