Hi, after a long time

Hello everyone, and thanks to all the faithful visitors.
I have given rest to my eyes
I have a small problem, and apparently I'm becoming blind.

Because and how long, I do not know, time seems.
This means: My writing continues as yet.

Diabetic retinopathy with my both eyes, right is middle difficult, left is better 6/2017
In addition, it has been found an occiput degeneration, the left eye 5/2016

                                            Finnish Vickers-E model tank 1939.

                       Finnish T-28 crew is waiting to propagation command (1941)

Hello kaikki, ja kiitos kaikille uskollisille vierailijoille.

Olen antanut lepoa minun silmille

Minulla on pieni ongelma, ja ilmeisesti olen tulossa sokeaksi.

Koska ja kuinka pitkän ajan kuluessa, ei ole tiedossani, aika näyttää.
Tämä tarkoittaa: Kirjoitteluni jatkuu, toistaiseksi.

Diabeettinen retinopatia 6/2017 molemmat silmät, oikea on keskivaikea, vasen on parempi. Lisäksi on 5/2016 todettu silmänpohja rappeuma, vasen silmä

Tank barrier,  1944 karelia isthmus

Russian soldiers come through the front line tank barrier and surrender to prisoners
                                                   Curtiss Hawk 36

4 kommenttia:

  1. Vastaukset
    1. Hi, S-K
      Thanks my friend.
      Retinopathy can be easily handled by a laser cutting method.
      But the degeneration of the occipital can not.
      Only Blueberry and fish food and C-fruits are the best, they says.

  2. That's terrible news - I do hope a solution can be found. Glad to have you back.

    1. Hello, Tim.
      Thank you for your comment.
      The bottom of the eye degeneration is a fact, no one can do anything,
      No one knows where it comes from (the same with all people)

      It is true, really bad news and also one of my worst fears ever since childhood.
      Then my 10-year-old friend became blind.
      His shoot to air rifle his own eye, not lead, but dart or arrow style tassel-tail, which is caught in the eye

      Another boy (6 year) open tunafish jar with a fork, and pierce his own eye.
      The fork gets caught in the eye.

      On the other hand, am an old man, 67 years. But I have a 6 year old granddaughter I have not seen when she was a baby. They live in France.
      In addition my dream is, must get my life story ready and published a book for kids, and grandchildren.


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