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Continuation war; period 29.6.1941

In Lapland the frontline was the German Army of Norway. Kuusamo was operated by the Finnish III Army 3 and 6 division. 
Against is soviet 14th Army, its 7 th division, light tanks and armour cars...

German Army Group Nord start attack on June 29 1941, and attacked the east with railroad and road, intention and target was Salla, and Finns troops followed they at slightly Kuusamo underside.
However, the German flash of lightning stopped immediately. Especially "Nord", who had get mostly formal than substantive training, and these German troops proved untrustworthy.

Near immediately, when attack get starts, assault also stop, and motorized SS Division return back towards in the didektion to Rovaniemi city, and telling Soviet armored troops driving them just behind
Anyway, still they can be stopped before, near to Kemijärvi.
Even the great-armed troops with armored vehicles were not immune when armor-horror hits. The comments of the Wehrmacht commanders to the Finns were far from rational or reals.  Eventually, however, Salla was conquered.

18.8.1941 Finnish battalion and cannon comppany (4x37mm new german pak) reaches Alakurtti railway and roadcross targets, and battalion attack stops.

August 21st is hard waterfall when the Alakurtti direction trundles53 tons and 3,65m high steel monster. Tank engine rumbles, tracks clattering, when tank steadily advancing firmly towards Finns.

It's disproportionate large and angular tower turns slowly, and 152mm huge cannon look at targets, cannon, who size of which has not been seen in the tank before.The Finns could not wait for this abhorrence, because of the existence of the Klim Voroshilov-2 wagon type info was thell only little warning to own troop.

The Finns had familiar others Soviet wagon types that were two meters lower and one meter narrower, and same are pz-I, II, III and IV wagons, also French wagons used by the Germans.

Along with this KV-2 giant, these seemed now like covered wheelbarrows
Military diarys have many mark who this wagon is describing, like a giant-monster, steel-house or a steel-castle. Tower and cannon together weight is over 12 tons.

Horror, fear and disbelief awakened, when men encountered a KV-2 wagon, for the first time. 
(The KV-2 tank (origin) is designed and manufactured to destroy Winter War Finnish concrete bunkers to close range. It has also been tested too 1939 christmas.

Water rainings when the recharger tossed a round to tube and 37mm pak say bang, the distance is one hundred meters. Nothing happened. The wagon did not flinch but running leisulery over cannon station, Cannon men turns the weapons around and pam, nothing, this shot was as ineffective, like first was too.

Now men unbelief turns into horror, when huge cannon shoot first time, and one man gets injured and an at gun leader have hit. The head stay intact, but the Italian helmet breaks down into three parts.

stampede spreads. 
KV-2 drive unhurried on the road, ignoring the at-guns fire, 

Tank engine roars, when KV2 drive ower to road minefield-line straight Finnish line. Men jumping and running away and off to tank front and sides, seems like rats they hiding. The battalion command post gets its own share of the tank grenades, and the commander and his offices messengers at last minute. At-cannon team's faith is fierce, they try to stop the heavy carriage with small cannons, and affect are same like spear weapons. Cannon blazing and sparks flew, but ammunitions bounce away to tank roadwheels and engine shelters, the near fights men, put pile- or trotyl charge has no chance at throwing charges, because tank guns are shooting all the time.

Red army pride does not stint or skimp any shells or heavy cannon fires steady at a steady pace and the same track still generates new losses,when tank driving on the road through the lines according to its own will. The battalion's tip function was completely messy, pecause invulnerable wagon dominate all areas, and own stations be must keep 

Although nothing could be stopped by the tank, it did not stay for a long time, but return back own side, because without the protection of the infantry, its impact on the Finns was only the weapons reach. 
The wagon turned around and walked along the road to his side.

The Finns did not trust the wagon stay away so long time. They thinks a wagon to apply for new ammunition and maybe bring infantry and other wagons with them. 
An appropriate time, when the first pioneers' first company plunged into building new minefields, which, when prepar one pioneers, was badly wounded.
After about an hour, the horrible KV colossus came back, and again alone without any kind of support in its own sides. 

The KV-2 drive the midle of road, and walking ower the two (2) minefields. The first has five (5) lines and second is seven (7) line track-mines. The mines bounced under the rollers, fire flashed, gravel spatter every side, but KV-2 no damage, or any signs. It was still moving and now the pioneers have already started to experience the frustration caused by the KV-tank.

The KV-2 shoot around and every side with its heavy cannon and both machine guns that slashed the crew of the Finnish Armor Team team and another 37mm cannon was destroyed. Finally, the tank-monster tracks found eight (8) the mine line and  followed by eight explosive blow up. This was already too much for the KV-2 wagon which stopped, but not lose fighting ability.

Tank crews was very coldblood and determined team and they continued to fight in wagon who had now stopped.
This KV-wagon stoppage was a relief for Finns. Escape and running men coming back together, and make ready to receive possible soviet infantrys attack.

Also countermeasures against the tank, are now be easier to think, thanks to better drives. But also tank had hits, either mine strikes or 37 mm cannon shells had hits to tank and get stucks to turret

The tower no longer rotates, but huge cannon still works and last shots that could not be prevented hit the other one near the remaining 37 mm at the cannon and men wounded up including the team leader.

Soon it will come dark and the machine guns of the trolley are silent, and one brave jäger will go near to tank and hit curve both machine gun pipes.

Now pioners try get trolley to blows with some molotof coctails, but the trolley did not ignite and next get the trolley men try using a smoke box, but any sucking method, or suffocating no any attempts to affect to crew perseverance.

Must be satisfied with the explosive charge placed next to the tank. As a result, three road wheels flyes away, and the tank tilts to the side so that a mighty cannon is pointing to the ground, up 10 meters away from the wagon and at 8:00 pm (20:00) we believe these huge tank is out off play, and harmless now.
In the morning, one intact at-cannon pulled off.

Still afternoon to 23rd day, tank still-alive crew shots some cannonfire, and shoot light rockets, marks like try signaled raids and send infos, and it was suspected that there was a radio in the car that is still working. For these reasons, the commander issues a command to resolve the tank-chase problem off, to agendas 

Sergeant leads and pioneers group install tank tower roof, air take valves up sides onto a 30kg trotyl charge explosives. After the explosion, the KV-2 tank tower door open only little gap, but now carriage ignits fire from the inside. 
This markeds the end of brave wagon, and the final destruction of the mighty tank. The colossus fire and flaming for little time and last to steel-chest time are over.

The fuel tank and ammunition storage explodes, the effect of which heady and narcotic sense,and rumbling volyme
The fuel tank and ammunition storage explodes, whose effect like heady or narcotic, and voice rumbling volyme, explosition and air pressure are enormous, and air pressures make feels like some try wrest and remove away clothes and supplies. 

Whole area is silent, noiseless, down, and guns are silent every side.
Here is everything left the tank, after an explosion

A ghostly silence followed when a shrunk ghost-looking giant break down in air, collapse and evaporate away like card house. Parts of the engine were found more than half kilometer away from bottom of gorge.

And small track pit, one pinewood, over 15 meter high, from 400 meters away, and only a few pieces from the crews, among ofter scrap.

In the evening, one and last 37 mm at-gun is towed other place.
The Finnish Defense had been held and the road to Alakutti was finally over...

                                            Kuvahaun tulos haulle panssarintorjujat kirja
Text has loan from this book, it's one parts to chapters and adapted

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