Wilderness train...

Wilderness train has come to a halt and holds pee break and tobacco break

Kolonna in front is a truck, with light protective plates
These have been called the generic name "Rommel"

                                   The soldier sleeps, holiday travel has been heavy

                                          Lieutenant-Colonel Adjutant waiting ...

Lieutenant Colonel congratulates,
Major has received the Mannerheim Cross, and now come back to the front

                                                      mail train on rails

                                                      view of the train cab

                                                         on the tracks

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Hi, Rodger.
      Peaceful, beautiful and sunny, best summer time in here.
      This is the July, and year 1942, when Finland was still in the air control
      No cant see any La-5, Hurricane, or Airacobra machines.


Any explosive ammunition or empty cores, you can put in this.