Information company - TK-komppania Sa-kuvat

TK-company commander (TK abbreviation of the word information company) were subject to the Finnish army units set up before the Winter War Information Department, which operate during the Continuation War and Lapland War.

These soldiers were called functional TK-ignorant men, who were in civilian usually, for example, journalists, teachers, or ad men.
Some of the known authors, artists and radio suppliers.

Tasks were, for example, the correspondent of the front, frontal reporter, filmmaker, photographer, drawer front, the front guide, the front announcer and author of the alert text.
TK-komppaniat (lyhenne TK sanasta tiedotuskomppania) olivat ennen talvisotaa perustetun Suomen armeijan tiedotusosaston alaisia yksiköitä, jotka toimivat jatkosodan ja Lapin sodan aikana. 

Niissä toimivia sotilaita kutsuttiin TK-miehiksi, jotka olivat siviilissä tavallisesti esimerkiksi toimittajia, opettajia tai mainosmiehiä.
Osa oli tunnettuja kirjailijoita, kuvataiteilijoita ja radiotoimittajia. 

Tehtäviä olivat esimerkiksi rintamakirjeenvaihtaja, rintamareportteri, elokuvaaja, valokuvaaja, rintamapiirtäjä, rintamaopas, rintamakuuluttaja ja kuulutustekstin laatija.




In front
Nyblin Othmar (Carl Othmar Dyrendahl), RT graph
. P. 25/10/1906 Alleghany USA - k. 10.10.1962 Helsinki

 TK-man to return home after two weeks long trip to the forest patrol

 Soviet sniper hit the camera and cameraman cheek
Maybe another camera work

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  1. Wow, some great colour photos there, nice post keep up the good work bud.

    1. Moi S-K.
      Thank you, you're very kind.
      I appreciate a lot.
      These times Finland is not a many cameras, but the German gives and sold many good signs and highest quality, including color and black and white film are good quality too.

      You know, now we have this Irish Easter rebellion series of TV program and free to all episodes can be viewed Arena-net program.
      Serie is a good and very showy.
      I like it.

    2. Now I'm going to go (again) to sing karaoke.
      The old dance music, old latino rhythms, country (foxtrot), and tango
      In addition too, two or three long drink (gin + grapefruit) drinks


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