Eastern Front 1941...

In the autumn of 1941, a russian field baker took over the city of Syvär: 
The production of dough and dough. Syväri city 1942.08.10

Weigh the bread before sending them from the bakery.

The neck (or white water) of Deer River. Alakurtti (Salla) 1941.09.26

In the autumn of 1941, Mäkiluoto's heavy 8-inch radiator cannon fired Russian ship escorts evacuating Hanko's troops.  Mäkiluoto 1941.00.00

Lahti-Saloranta's two-pipe 20mm it-cannon (captain Björkstam's lightweight it-radiator north of Säämäjärvi).
VII CoR Commander Major Peura gets acquainted with the cannon. Säämäjärvi 1941.09.23

The heavy mortar of the Finnish (Tampella) in operation.  Vermanjoki 1941.10.14


The text of the railway cut and the star, etc. from 1940. Säämäjoki, station 1941.09.02

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